Why is One Room Colder Than the Other?

Sometimes, you may notice that one room in your house is the "icebox." What's the cause? We've all heard that a sudden chill or cold room could be the cause of ghosts, but we think there's a more practical explanation. Usually, unbalanced air ducts can cause uneven air distribution. Additionally, reduced airflow can affect different parts of the home, and you may find that your HVAC system is to blame.

Possible Causes of a Cold Room

First, make sure that all of your air vents are open and unobstructed, including your return vents. Check for dirty filters and make sure you have your air ducts cleaned at least once a year by a professional team.

Next, close all windows, shades, and curtains to ensure no blockage or counter-flow is coming into the house. If you find that none of these are the culprit, it's time to take a closer look at your system.

How to Check Your Airflow

In many homes, you can adjust your system's damper: a special valve that regulates airflow inside a duct. The small, metal handles on the side of your HVAC system will adjust the airflow through certain ducts and allow you to change the intensity and direction of distribution throughout your home.

When to Call a Pro

If your house has poor insulation or your ducts are not installed properly, no amount of tampering will warm up your cold room. The fan speed, debris or even just a dirty system can cause poor circulation and lead to a chilly room. If your own adjustments don't work, calling in the professional team at Proactive Comfort can help identify the problem and come up with a quick solution.

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