Where Did the Hot Water in my Home Go?

When the cold winter weather begins to creep in, it’s possible that your home might start to break down in the process. Of course, one of the first items to go is typically your water heater — which can be thought of as the heart of your home, not to mention the source of your hot water. Not sure if it’s broken?

Signs that Your Water Heater Needs Repair

Might Need to Retire

On average, how long has your water heater resided in your home? Well, if the answer is over seven years, then it might be time to have your unit replaced. Believe it or not, a water heater wasn’t built to last a lifetime and should be replaced before time runs out.

Of course, if you tend to have your current unit repaired on a frequent basis, then that will also be a big reason to have your water heater replaced. Not only will a water heater replacement make a vast difference in your home, but you’ll even see a difference in how quickly your unit produces hot water — which is always a positive.

Your Burner Is Dirty

Another common possibility of not having hot water is that your unit might need a burner cleaning. Granted, many owners of a gas-powered water heater could have a dirty burner and might not even know it. The best way to think about this is to think of a candle with a burnt wick.

Granted, a candle’s job it to add some ambiance to a room, while potentially releasing a fragrance. But if the wick has seen better days and is covered in ash, then it will be rather hard to light it.

The same concept applies to your burner. If the burner underneath your unit is caked in dirt and debris, then it will be rather tough for a flame to start.To take care of the problem at hand, it’s best to consistently keep an eye on your water heater and schedule repairs/maintenance when your unit seems to be at its wit’s end.

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