When To Replace A Water Heater?

Just like the vehicle in your driveway, a water heater will need to be replaced over time. Granted, you might be under the impression that your unit is still performing at an excellent rate — but it’s possible that it could also be deteriorating and ready to stop working within the next few hours. Not sure if you need to replace or just repair your water heater?

Signs That Your Hot Water Heater Is Going Out

Leaking At The Base

Have you noticed an excessive amount of water piled around your water heater? If that’s the case, then it means that your unit is indefinitely leaking, due to possible tank corrosion. Of course, sometimes a perfectly functioning water heater could have a few little drips here and there — but the amount of water should never be overwhelmingly large insight.

  • In fact, if there is water leakage of any size, then it’s important to call your plumber right away since it means your water heater could eventually burst.

Constantly Repaired

On average, how often does your unit need to be repaired? If the answer is frequently, then you might need to have your water heater replaced. Think of it this way: your water heater is just like an appliance in your home.

  • After approximately a 10-year period, it might be time to upgrade the unit, since it is likely no longer adequate with today’s technological advancements.
  • Additionally, if you have a storage-tank water heater (tall and holds the water), then it may be wise to look into a tankless unit. The reason being is that a tankless unit will not only take up less space in your basement, but it will also be much more energy-efficient, too.

Lack Of Hot Water

Fact: sometimes a depleting water heater won’t provide hot water when you need it the most. Of course, there is a possibility that an older storage tank unit will take some time to deliver that warmth — but if you happen to notice that this is a common occurrence (especially in the spring and summer), then it’s time to replace your unit to a newer, more reliable water heater that can handle the job with ease.

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