The Truth About HVAC Filters

How well-acquainted are you with your home’s HVAC filter? Whether you have an extensive knowledge on this accessory or are just learning all about it, there are a few important facts that every homeowner should know in order to keep their HVAC system in good health.

Understand MERV Ratings

Do you know what your current filter’s MERV rating is? Regardless if you do or not, it’s actually rather simple to learn within a matter of seconds! When a filter has a high MERV rating, the pores of the filter will be finer, letting less airborne debris float past the filter’s wall.

Now, if the MERV rating is on the lower end, then the pores in the filter will be a tad larger, not filtering as finely as a higher MERV rating filter would. Depending on your HVAC system, you’ll want to find a MERV rating that’s the right fit. If you’re not sure which will do the trick, give us a call and we’ll be more than glad to help!

Replace Them Often

One thing you should never neglect in your home is replacing your HVAC filter. Even if you feel as if it looks clean enough to go through another round, these filters should be replaced approximately every two-to-three months at a time. The reason being is that they’ll help keep your system running smoothly and will eliminate any airborne debris from hindering its performance.

Completely Dry Washable Filters

Does your home have a washable filter? If that’s the case, you’ll want to make sure that after each rinse, it’s as dry as can be. The reason being is that if there’s any trace of water left over, your filter can form mold.

And if mold goes undetected on an HVAC filter, then it could be quite detrimental to the respiratory health of a homeowner. If you feel as if your washable filter has seen better days, then we highly recommend replacing it with a new one rather than trying to salvage your current one.

Need to Upgrade Your Current HVAC Filter?

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