Don't Ever Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner — Here's Why!

DIY drain cleaners may seem like a great idea, but many are trouble waiting to happen. Over-the-counter chemical cleaners promise to clear clogs and remove dirt from your pipes, but they can quickly lead to big problems that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix.

Chemical Cleaners are Highly Toxic

The fumes that come off of most store-bought drain cleaners produce highly toxic fumes that cause eye, nose, and respiratory irritation. They are also lethal to ingest and can be extremely dangerous if a child or pet comes in contact with them.

The toxic fumes released from these cleaners linger in the air long after you've rinsed your drains, and they aren't worth the irritation and chemical exposure.

Pipe Erosion

Home plumbing systems are designed to last decades, but frequently relying on chemical cleaners will wear down their lifespan. Most over-the-counter drain cleaners contain high volumes of hydrochloric acid, which destroys the enamel coating the interior of your pipes and leaves you more susceptible to leaks.

Environmental Hazard

Everything you flush must come out somewhere; chemical products left in plastic bottles wind up in a landfill and pose a serious threat to fish and local wildlife. As drain cleaners run through your pipes, the chemicals make their way into the water supply and lead to higherdrain pollution.

Cleaners Don’t Fix Pipes

If you experience frequent clogs or water backing up in your sinks and tubs, then a drain cleaner won't be able to alleviate the problem. Your clog may be caused by a blocked sewer line or broken pipe, which requires professional repair.

Don’t Leave Your Pipes to Fate

Chemical cleaners are a fast way to get rid of a clog, but they ultimately do more harm than good. To protect your home's plumbing and health, it's best to trust a licensed plumber to conduct a professional drain cleaning.

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