Is It True That Bath Bombs are Bad for my Plumbing?

One of the latest bathing trends to sweep the nation are bath bombs! Whether they’re purchased at your local store or you’ve taken the DIY route and made your own, these little spheres of disintegrating luxury are an excellent addition to any bathtub soak — until you take a closer look at what they’re made of. Believe it or not, bath bombs aren’t too kind to the plumbing in your home — but why is that? Let’s take the plunge and dive deeper into this:

Do Bath Bombs Clog Drains?

Yes, a bath bomb can cause clogs in your drains and pipes. The oil, flower petals, glitter and other “accessories” within the bath bomb’s composition emit from the dissolving sphere eventually entering the drain and clinging to the sides of the pipes. If the bathtub drain hasn’t been cleaned in a while, these non-disintegrating materials have a higher chance of clinging to the walls of the pipe and lingering until a potential clog arises.

What Are Bath Bombs Made Of?

Typically, bath bombs are composed of an array of sweet-smelling oils and flower petals that help you relax and unwind. However, these ingredients can wreak havoc on your plumbing. Think of it this way: when you’re cooking with oil, the best way to dispose of the remaining oil is by pouring it in an old can, letting it solidify, then throwing it away.

How Can I Use Bath Bombs Without Clogging the Drain?

The simplest solution would be to not use them at all, but who could resist using one of these relaxing bathtub staples?

  • Next time you opt to use a bath bomb, think about placing the sphere in a small, nylon pull-string bag before placing it in the water.
  • The nylon bag will help catch any loose particles (i.e., flower petals, glitter) before they even have the chance to reach the drain.

Now, if you opt to use bath bombs that are primarily composed of oil, then it’s best to have professional drain cleanings, regularly, to not only help remove any residue that’s leftover but to help keep your drains in the clear and prevent a potential problem from happening down the road.

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