How the Holidays Can Bog Down Your Home's Air Quality

Ah, the holiday season — there’s nothing more magical! And among the festive decor, sweet treats, and family bonding time, there is a chance that you could be bogging down your indoor air quality. While you might feel perplexed as to how this can happen, here are a few things to be mindful of:

Ways Indoor Air Quality Can Diminish

Spraying Holiday Fragrances

On the market, there are a series of festive fragrances that promise to make your home smell like holiday cheer! And while they might seem harmless, they’re bringing down the quality of your indoor air. Think about it like this: many of these aerosol cans that smell like sugar cookies or a freshly cut tree are composed of chemicals to create those signature scents.

That said, it’s best to eliminate using them altogether. If you’re looking to help your indoor air quality strive for greatness, then it would be wise to look into an essential oil diffuser. This can provide a room with a fantastic fragrance without the invisible trail of chemical particles contaminating your air quality.

Not Opening the Windows

Granted, there are some days where it will feel as if you live in Antarctica — which will prompt you to keep the windows shut and adjust the thermostat. However, a lack of fresh, clean air can hurt your indoor air quality than help it.

And when that’s the case, you might find a more prominent presence of dust in your home — especially when you’ve decked the halls with an array of festive decorations from the attic. By opening up the window a few times a week, it will help freshen the air, cut down on the accumulation of dust, and bring your I.A.Q. up to par!

Not Too Sure What's Bringing Down Your IAQ?

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of replacing your filters, having your air ducts cleaned, and sealing any leaks in the ductwork that may be present. And with a team of highly-skilled professionals, that can all be done with the utmost of ease.

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