What To Avoid Tossing Down The Drain

How often do you find yourself contemplating which items to toss down the sink drain? From the leftovers of a carrot peeler to sizzling bacon grease, there are a few different items that homeowners tend to “feed” to their plumbing on a daily basis. However, placing the wrong item in your drain could cause a major clog.

What Not To Put In The Garbage Disposal

Not sure what to avoid? Here are a few tips:

Cooking Grease

One of the worst items to pour down the drain happens to be cooking grease or oil of any kind.

  • If you were to place this in a drain, then it has the potential to clump up and create a blockage immediately.
  • Even worse, if your pipe drain has other debris (i.e., hair, food, garbage), then the grease/oil will latch onto them and create an even bigger plumbing problem.


Another item that should never be “fed” to a drain is pasta. Sure, this harmless delicacy tastes terrific and is simple to make in a hurry, but if placed in your drain (especially if uncooked) it has the potential to expand in the pipe itself.

  • Pasta also is very starchy and can stick to the walls of the pipe, creating a clog.
  • If ignored for quite some time, it can even whip up a foul odor.

Food Packaging

Believe it or not, many homeowners think it’s harmless to toss tiny particles of food packaging into their sink drain — but they’re actually doing more harm than good.

  • One of the most common packaging staples found happens to be produce stickers, which cling to the sides of a pipe, grabbing onto anything that falls past them.
  • To avoid this altogether, it’s best to just toss a majority of your items into a nearby garbage can.

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