How to Make Your Plumbing Go Green

When it comes to making changes around your home, where are some of the first places you look? For most homeowners, they’ll think about having the siding on their house replaced or having their kitchen remodeled — but what about replacing current plumbing fixtures with eco-friendly models? Not only will you be helping save the environment, but you’ll also be helping reduce your overall water usage.

Without further ado, here are a few ways you can make that eco-friendly plumbing switch in your home:

Low-Flow Showerhead

One of the latest innovations in green plumbing is having a low-flow showerhead installed in your home. Unlike a traditional showerhead, a low-flow model will do exactly what its name implies: provide you with a healthy heap of water, but at a lower flow. This will not only help cut back on the amount of water that you use in a single showering session, but it will even help lower your overall water bill — something that any homeowner would love to make happen!

Dual Flush Toilet

Have you ever heard of a dual flush toilet? Unlike the traditional model, these dual flush models give users two options for flushing bowels. The first option is a light flush, while the second is a heavier flush. This will help all homeowners, and their guests, cut back on their water consumption and make for a much more eco-friendly flushing experience!

Looking to Have your Plumbing Fixtures Replaced?

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