Why You Should Clean With Green Cleaning Products

When you clean your home, what do you typically use to get the job done? For most homeowners, they’ll use just about any standard chemical cleaner found on store shelves — but what if we told you that those aren’t the best choice?

Contrary to popular belief, chemical cleaners can cause an array of harm in your home, in addition to being a health hazard. Therefore, you should opt to use green cleaning products — and here’s why:

Helps Protect Surfaces

Believe it or not, using chemical cleaners for an extended period of time can actually tarnish any surface they touch — especially if the wrong one is used. For example, if you opt to use bleach on a laminate countertop, it can cause damage. When you use green cleaning products, not only will they be much more gentle on surfaces, but they’ll get the job done without emitting the harmful toxins used to disinfect your home.

Preserves Plumbing

When you clean your toilet, shower, or sink, do you opt for chemical-based products? If so, then you may be causing your plumbing to deteriorate over time. Just like using a chemical drain cleaner, most household cleaners are too powerful on plumbing pipes, stripping away their surface in the process. However, if you opt into using a green cleaning agent, not only will you be protecting your plumbing, but you'll be lessening your chances of having a plumbing nightmare on your hands down the line.

Doesn’t Tarnish Indoor Air Quality

Many homeowners would be surprised at what truly lingers in their indoor air quality — and if they happen to use chemical cleaners, their air quality will be even worse. One of the predominant ingredients in most cleaners is ammonia, which is not only extremely dangerous to inhale, but can also linger around in the air longer than you think.

Meanwhile, most green cleaning agents use plant-based ingredients that don’t hinder your indoor air quality. If you happen to make the switch to these eco-friendly cleaners, you’ll notice the difference right away — and it’s definitely for the better!

Need Some Assistance Improving your Indoor Air Quality?

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of replacing your filters, having your air ducts cleaned, and sealing any leaks in the ductwork that may be present. And with a team of highly-skilled professionals, that can all be done with the utmost ease. To see if your HVAC unit is bogging down your indoor air quality, give Proactive Comfort a call at (603) 239-2346 to schedule your appointment!