When is the Best Time to Run my Air Conditioner at Home?

Summer can be quite a challenge, specifically in terms of trying to cool your home. No matter what size your living space may be, it can seem impossible to find the perfect way to keep the indoor temperature consistent and comfortable. If you’re not sure whether you should only turn your AC on in the morning or shut it off at night, here are some essential tips to keep in mind.

When Should I Run my Air Conditioner?

Believe it or not, this answer may be quite surprising: it’s best to leave your air conditioner on throughout the day, without shutting it off. Whether you’re at work or lounging by the pool, a constantly-running air conditioner will make a difference.

Since these machines are meant to keep a consistent temperature in your home, this will be the best way to not only beat the heat but to also maintain a cool atmosphere throughout the day.

Will This Increase my Utility Bills?

Not necessarily. When your air conditioner is left on, rather than being shut off, it will only run when it detects that the overall air temperature has changed. When you happen to turn off your air conditioner, the temperature may change throughout the day (i.e., opening the front door) and your unit might need to work overtime to get your indoor climate back to the desired temperature, once it’s turned on — which can use more energy than you realize.

How Else Can I Keep My Home Cool?

Simple: looking into a smart thermostat. Unlike a traditional model, a learning thermostat (another name for the device) will be able to be controlled from a tablet or smartphone, no matter where you are. This will let you keep a close eye on your unit and make any adjustments when needed.

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