Why Does My AC Smell Weird?

Oh, no — what’s that terrible smell? The garbage was taken out last night and the dog just got groomed, but what else could be causing that lingering odor? Do you find yourself currently asking yourself this question?

Believe it or not, sometimes that foul smell can be emitted from your central air conditioning system, which is something that no homeowner ever wants to hear. Here are some of the possible reasons why your HVAC unit might be carrying around that stench:

Dirty Coils + Blocked Condensation Drain

As you may know, mold strives for dark, damp places to grow — and your air conditioner isn’t off limits! One of the biggest areas where this “pest” can form is by your condensation drain and evaporator coils. When there’s any sort of blockage in the drain, or the coils get dirty, this can turn any condensation that’s formed into mold.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to have regular HVAC maintenance. This will allow you to not only keep a close eye on these important areas, but to make sure that they’re clean so your unit runs efficiently all season long.

Mold in the Air Ducts

Now, if the smell of mold isn’t coming from your air conditioner compressor, then there’s something you must know: it might be lingering in your air ducts. Sometimes, when there happens to be a leak within your air conditioning system, excess water can make its way into the ducts and stay there.

If ignored (or not found) for quite some time, there will be a formation of mold that will stick around until it’s cleaned. The best solution to prevent this from occurring, besides maintenance, is to have your air ducts cleaned once the problem is spotted and repaired. A professional cleaning will help remove any mold out of the ducts, so when it’s time for the newly repaired unit to be turned back on, you’ll be breathing in clean air, again.

Does Your AC Have a Strange, Lingering Smell?

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