Here's What to Look For on Your Outdoor Compressor

If you happen to have a central air conditioner, you must be acquainted with your system’s compressor by now! This metal hub, that stands outside of your home, houses all the essential parts that help your air conditioner operate and run efficiently. Before the summer heat kicks in, here are some ways to make sure that your compressor maintains its health.

Listen to Sounds

When you turn your air conditioner on, you may hear a few sounds coming from your compressor. Ultimately, if there’s a faint hum or anything that sounds normal, then you’ll be in the clear. The minute you start to hear any clanking or hissing, it’s important to turn your AC off and seek professional assistance. Clanking typically indicates that there’s something wrong with the fan inside of the unit. If you happen to hear hissing, this could indicate that there is a potential Freon leak, which is never good to have.

Check Electrical Work

Another prime spot to examine on your compressor is the wiring that leads from the unit to your home, while your unit is off. Whether it was an animal or the elements, there are times when the wiring could have seen better days. Before a problem arises, you’ll want to make sure that none of the wiring is stripped of its silicone jacket. If this seems to be fine, check the connection of the wiring from your home to your unit and vice versa. If you deem that everything looks good to go, then it’s time to check the compressor itself.

Examining the Compressor

When looking at your compressor, you’ll want to make sure that the fins on the side of the unit don’t have anything obstructing them or that they’re not bent. Another factor you’ll want to look at is to see if there is any deterioration of your unit. Whether it’s the metal or any detailing, it’s important to make sure that it’s in pristine condition to eliminate any potential problems.

Looking for a Professional Opinion on Your Compressor?

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