When Should I Replace my Central AC?

One of the toughest instances for any homeowner is coming to terms with an ailing central air conditioner. While your unit may have helped cool down your home on the hottest summer days, there’s a possibility that it’s reaching its final days. Of course, sometimes you might not be able to detect this right away. Here are a few signs to look for if you’re not sure whether you should replace your unit.

Constantly Needs Repair

A clear sign that your unit needs to be replaced is that its in constant need of repair. Whether that’s every few months or even a few weeks at a time, this should be a clear indicator that your central air conditioner will need to be replaced much sooner than you think. While a repair will help save it from the brink of extinction, it might be wiser to just replace it altogether.

Not Running Efficiently

When you have a central air conditioner, it should always run as efficiently as possible. This will not only preserve the intended lifespan of the unit, but it will also keep your energy bills at a minimum every month. However, when a system is on its way out of your home, it will start to work even harder to produce the cold air that you rightfully deserve.

Leaking Freon

Known to be one of the most important details in your central air unit, Freon is a gas that comes in contact with the condenser coil and turns hot air into a cool, arctic chill. Without Freon, your air conditioner will be blowing around hot, muggy air. Now, if there happens to be a Freon leak, that will make it impossible for your AC to work — and can even pose a potential danger.

While These Are Only a Few Signs of Needing a Replacement…

It’s imperative to call in a professional to inspect your unit and see if it, indeed, is in need of a repair. For expert service and repairs, give Proactive Comfort a call at (603) 239-2346 to schedule your appointment. We serve customers throughout Hooksett, Nashua, and Hillsborough Counties.