How to Naturally Purify the Air in Your Home

Believe it or not, you’d be unpleasantly surprised at what lingers in your home’s air quality. And without diving too deeply into what causes poor indoor air quality, small actions such as spraying a chemically-crafted room spray and not removing your shoes when walking through the front door, are only a few of the many ways you’re bogging down that sweet, precious air.

However, if you’re looking for a solution to the problem, you’re in luck: Here are a few natural ways to help bring your home’s “I.A.Q.” back up to par.

Natural Ways to Help Indoor Air Quality

Invest in a Salt Lamp

By now, you’ve seen plenty of rock-like lamps sitting on tabletops in many homes — whether they be in your favorite television show or at your friend’s place down the road. And while they certainly look cool, they do much more than act as a decorative feature: Salt lamps help improve indoor air quality!

How it works is simple: Inside of the giant hunk of Himalayan pink salt resides a light bulb. When turned on, the bulb heats the “rock of salt,” which then begins to give off negative ions. These helpful, invisible ions go airborne and help fight off harmful pollutants.

Burn Beeswax Candles

Typically when you burn a candle, it happens to be one that promises a scent of a fresh apple pie or tropical oasis — no matter what time of the year it may be. Usually, when that’s the case, the candle is composed of ingredients that will make you shake your head (because they’re not as natural as you think). However, opting to burn a beeswax candle is a great alternative — here’s why.

Earlier, it was discussed that Himalayan pink salt lamps emit negative ions that can help fight off airborne pollutants — well, the same concept applies to a burning beeswax candle, too. Another perk is that it also has a longer lifespan, which is perfect for avid candle fans that are growing tiresome of replacing their current jar frequently.

If You’re Facing a Problem With Your Indoor Air Quality, Proactive Comfort Can Help!

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of replacing your filters, having your air ducts cleaned, and sealing any leaks in the ductwork that may be present. And with a team of highly-skilled professionals, that can all be done with the utmost ease.

To see if your HVAC unit is bogging down your indoor air quality, give Proactive Comfort a call at (603) 239-2346 and schedule your appointment!