Why It's Important to Let Fresh Air Inside Your Home

Fact: It’s important to always make time to let some fresh air into your home! Regardless of the season, if there’s a cool breeze lingering around your town, then it’s essential to invite this “V.I.P. guest” into your living space, but why is that?

If you’re contemplating keeping the windows shut, here’s why you should rethink that idea:

The Benefits of Letting Fresh Air Inside Your Home

Reduces Energy Bills

Even in autumn, there’s a chance that your home might get a tad warm. And instead of turning on your central air conditioner, save some energy and open up a window! Just by letting some fresh air in, you’ll be able to help cool down your living space for a fraction of the cost.

Now, if you’re looking to really reap the benefits of the crisp air, look for ways to promote cross-ventilation in your home!

Limits Mold Growth

If a home is “boarded up” for too long, there’s a chance that condensation can increase, which usually promotes mold growth. To help limit the potential of that even happening, make a conscious effort to open the windows and avoid having damp, dreary air in your living space.

Helps Freshen Air Quality

Think about it: when air is trapped inside of your home for long periods, without being revitalized, it can get stale and stagnant. And when common cold season rolls around, a lack of fresh air increases the chances of the illness spreading.

Therefore, making a conscious effort to open a window (or two) can help make an enormous difference. Plus, the notion of “cold air can get you sick” is nothing more than a fallacy.

Are You Looking to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of replacing your filters, having your air ducts cleaned, and sealing any leaks in the ductwork that may be present. And with a team of highly-skilled professionals, that can all be done with the utmost ease.

To see if your HVAC unit is bogging down your indoor air quality, give Proactive Comfort a call at (603) 239-2346 and schedule your appointment!