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Every appliance and piece of equipment in your home can wear down over time and from regular use. Your water heater is no exception. In order to help prevent your water heater from breaking down and needing repair, let Proactive Comfort and our plumbers run routine maintenance on your water heater. We recommend getting this service at least once every six months.

Why Choose Our Team For Your Water Heater Maintenance?

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Our Thorough Checklist Keeps Your Water Heater Up & Running

A happy water heater is one that gets routine maintenance. You do not need to worry about getting cold water when you want hot water, or a drop in water pressure when you turn on the hot tap, as long as your water heater is well maintained. We pay attention to each part of your water heater to make certain everything is working as intended. Due to our extensive industry experience, we also have the knowledge and insight needed to be able to maintain or repair essentially every water heater brand, make, and model.

Some Problem Areas We Check During Maintenance Include:

  • Pressure valve
  • Faucet drain
  • Tank interior for sediment buildup
  • Water lines
  • Drain valve
  • Hose attachments

The goal of our Manchester water heater maintenance service is saving you money. By spotting problems early on and making minor fixes upfront during maintenance, we can potentially stop expensive fixes or replacements later on. A maintained water heater will also have improved energy efficiency, meaning it costs you less on your utility bills to run than a poorly-maintained heater.

No One Cares More About Client Satisfaction Than Us

People throughout Manchester and the rest of New Hampshire know Proactive Comfort prioritizes client satisfaction. When you call upon us for water heater maintenance or another plumbing service, you can feel confident in the end result, as well as the friendliness and cleanliness of our specialists.

To learn more about our water heater maintenance services in Manchester, you can call (603) 239-2346 or schedule one online.


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